Geraldo de Barros began painting in 1946. Clóvis Graciano, Colette Pujol et Takaoka were his first Masters. Together with Takaoka, Athayde de Barros and Antonio Carelli, they create the “Grupo XV” in São Paulo in 1947.

In 1951, studying in Paris with S.W. Hater. He explores engraving following Paul Klee’s influences.

Back in São Paulo in 1952, de Barros is a co-founder of the Ruptura Group, the first Concrete Mouvement in Brazil. Most of the works of this period belong to the major Brazilian or international collection.

In the 60’s, after some years dedicating to industrial design, de Barros returns to painting using outdoors and advertisement elements for huge Pop Art artworks.

Aside the tribute to Concrete Art in the 1979 São Paulo’s Biennial, de Barros revisit his early concrete paintings. His new works are made of Formica, as the furniture he’s designing at Hobjeto. With this series, de Barros represent Brazil at the Venice Biennial in 1986.